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​Three & Four Year-Olds

The Enrichment Program includes everything from stories to learning about animals and insects, enjoying recess to planting flowers and vegetables.

Music is a highlight of our program.  Singing, dancing, and playing instruments encourage a child's creative self-expression. It is also a lot of fun!  In Art - painting, modeling with Play-doh, drawing in chalk, crayon, and markers- children continue to freely express themselves in a fun and creative way.

In Readiness, the foundation is laid for future success in reading and math.  Like a carpenter who familiarizes himself with his tools before cabinet making, a child will become completely at ease and familiar with each sound and symbol before learning how to read in our Phonics Program.  Our individualized program encourages each child to progress and his or her own speed, ensuring that the child will develop a well-balanced self-esteem and take a healthy, fun approach to learning.















In Math, children will gain experience with numbers and concrete objects.  For example, children will learn  the number five through use of all their senses...e.g.seeing the number five, singing "Five Brown Buns in a Bakery Shop", and partaking in arts and crafts (tracing the number, circling sets of five kittens, etc.) which they learn how to write and recognize the number.  As the child's interaction with numbers and concrete  objects increases, so will his or her ability to think and learn in logical patterns. 



In Science, fun and educational experiments are held.  Furthermore, children will explore countries and their culture, learn about animals and their behavior, and so much more!



Other programs offered include Movement, Yoga, French, and Spanish!*


postponed because of the pandemic. We hope to offer again sometime in 2022/23.

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